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    Where to Install Spray Foam Insulation

July 12, 2022

There are many benefits to spray foam insulation. It can keep your home weather resistant, pest proof, and energy efficient. While all of these are great benefits, you need to be sure that all your bases are covered. The only way to ensure that your spray foam insulation is truly helping your home is by knowing where to install spray foam insulation in your home. Knowing this can help you reap all the benefits spray foam can provide.

First, Why Install Spray Foam Insulation?

Before knowing where, it is helpful to know why. Why use spray foam insulation in your home? As previously stated it can help against weather, pests, and energy issues. This type of insulation will also not sag or lose shape as quickly as other forms of insulation. It also doesn’t attract pests like fiberglass insulation, and it is better for the environment. It also does a great job of sealing every part of your home, including piping and wiring. It is long lasting and can even help prevent allergens from entering the home. All around, there is a long list of benefits to having spray foam insulation in your home.

Look High and Low

The first two places to install spray foam insulation in your home are high and low! First, look to your attic and ceilings. Insulating these two areas can help control the temperature in your home. It can keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter by not letting the outside temperature come into your home. Next, insulating your basement and floors have a similar benefit. Keeping your basement dry can help with the home’s temperature, but it can also help with pests and mold. Insulating your floors can help minimize heat loss.

Your Walls are Next

When you think about protecting your home, insulating your walls might not be the first thing that comes to mind. When it comes to keeping your home efficient, it should be high on the list! By insulating your walls with spray foam, you are optimizing thermal protection, meaning that the insulating you did high and low works even better. It can also help with soundproofing! It is nice to know you can watch movies, play games, or spend time with people in one room of your house without everyone else hearing every single word. You can insulate the walls around your home entertainment room or even a kids playroom! It may seem like a small thing, but it can make a huge difference.

Check the Rest

Once you have all the big places in your home properly insulated with spray foam, you want to be sure you check the rest of your home! You might have a crawl space where pests or moisture is getting in! The best way to know if you have covered all your bases is by calling professionals to help you out. A professional spray foam insulation company will do all the work, and be sure that you are truly covered!


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