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    Top 4 Projects to Increase Your Home Value

March 23, 2022

When it comes to taking care of your home, being sure that its value is kept up is a huge step. Some homeowners seem to forget that their home’s value is important, regardless of when or if they plan on ever selling. Valuing your home and investing in it ensures that you are living in the best conditions possible, and that if it does come time to sell, your lessen the work for yourself.

Its as easy as…

There are 4 simple projects that you can easily take on to help improve the value of your home without too much fuss. Keeping in mind that simple things, like curb appeal, can effect your home’s value can make the task seem less daunting. There is no need to tear it down to the studs and start fresh! You can simply work on one of these 4 projects until your home is as good as new.

Make it Efficient

Making sure that your home is as efficient as possible should be a top priority for homeowners. This can be as simple as replacing old appliances, to being sure your home is weather proofed and energy efficient. You can assure your home is weather proofed and energy efficient by hiring a crew to come out and use spray foam to seal up your attic and other places around your home.


Make it Pretty

Curb appeal is not only important, its fairly easy! Some simple landscaping and gardening can get your lawn looking great in no time. Planting trees in front of large windows can help ensure that your home stays cool, and looks good for years to come. Home owning is more than just cutting the lawn, so be sure to plant some low maintenance flowers or bushes to help make your yard look great.

Finish it Out 

If you have an area of your house, such as a basement, that is sitting unfinished, taking on that project can help improve your home value immensely. Be sure that you take all the necessary steps to ensure that it keeps your home efficient and low maintaince by having a crew seal it with spray foam. This will help keep your basement cool, dry, and pest free year around.


Touch it Up

Painting your home is probably one of the easier improvements you can make! You can give your house a second life with a new coat and improve the value and curb appeal all at once. This allows you to also be sure that all your windows and doors are sealed properly, so your house will not only look good, but be well protected.

Keeping up with your home’s value is more than just keeping things modern.

Being sure that your home is well kept up will keep you happy, and keep your home from losing value over time. Taking on these 4 tasks can make such a difference, from planting a bush to using spray foam to seal your basement. Each task is a step toward improvement. Even if you think you will be in your current home forever, you never want something you cherish to lose value!



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