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    Keep Summer Pests at Bay

June 15, 2021

Warm and wet spring and summer conditions predicted for much of the country are going to make for an extra buggy season, according to the biannual Bug Barometer forecast from the National Pest Management Association.

What’s more, ants, roaches and stinging insects are well-equipped at finding food and shelter in and around your home, and they are smarter than you may think. However, you can take steps to prepare for their arrival. Prevention is best, whenever possible. For a safe, healthy and comfortable season at home, follow these pest management tips:

Spray them away.

Did you know spray foam is a great inhibitor to insects and rodents? Limit their entry points and places to hide by having our team protect your home or office with quality, professional spray foam insulation installation.

Don’t feed the insects.

Without proper precautions, your home could inadvertently be the most popular insect buffet in town. To ensure you’re feeding just your family and not a parade of bugs, keep surfaces free of crumbs and residue. Regularly sweep around areas where food is prepared and consumed. Wipe up spills immediately and close food containers securely. Be sure your kitchen garbage has a tightly-fitting lid.

Drain the swamp.

Standing water can quickly become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other bugs (and lead to a host of other issues). It’s important to know that the problem may take some diagnosing, and could require such actions as changing the soil composition of your lawn or grading the land to encourage proper drainage. However, managing this issue is well worth the effort involved.

Blast bugs without harsh chemicals.

Killing bugs doesn’t need to put you out of house and home for hours or even minutes. Today, there are effective ways to kill bugs using friendly ingredients. For example, Zevo Ant, Roach and Fly Multi-Insect Trigger Spray works on a broad range of household bugs using lemongrass oil and geraniol as active ingredients. Zevo sprays are deadly to bugs and safe for use around people and pets when used as directed, making them a year-round household essential. For more information, visit www.zevoinsect.com.

Safeguard entry points.

Pests enter the home most typically through windows, doors and the garage. To that end, patch any holes or tears in screen doors and windows, or better yet, replace them entirely. Keep doors, windows and the garage otherwise closed.

While outwitting bugs is a bit more challenging during summer, with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can keep your home safe and more comfortable with fewer uninvited guests. (StatePoint)

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