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    Metal Buildings Confidential: Why You Need Insulation Now

November 1, 2020

We’re a spray foam insulation company. It’s no surprise we suggest that you insulate your home or business. But when it comes to metal building, insulation is not optional – it’s essential. Metal buildings are a strong and affordable option, but they are also more susceptible to the elements. They require insulation for several very important reasons and spray foam meets them at the highest level!

  1. Metal buildings are not, by their very nature, energy-efficient. They cannot keep heat in during the winter and the roof lets in heat during the summer. Your metal building – whether used for commercial or personal use – will be unreasonably cold in winter and hot in summer because the metal is a better heat conductor than wood. When insulated, the walls will retain hot and cold air within the building and lower your energy bills immediately.
  2. Metal buildings need to be protected from condensation. It’s only logical that when the temperature inside competes with the temperature outside, condensation forms. One word: rust. In the case of a metal building, over time, it can be devastating structurally. Spray foam insulation provides a thin, safe barrier that minimizes condensation and provides a protective barrier for the metal.
  3. Metal buildings aren’t sound efficient. By insulating the walls and roof of your metal structure, you keep inside noises in  – and outside noises out! The smooth and sleek look of spray foam forms a great backdrop, with our without any further wall and ceiling structure.

We go into more detail regarding spray foam insulation in metal buildings here. To speak with us further for a consultation…

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