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    Four Hot Home Renovation Trends You Can Start This Weekend!

May 28, 2020

(StatePoint) What’s the point in improving your home’s insulation if it’s not somewhere you want to spend your time? While the Scorpion insulation team can improve the way your home feels, you can make it a more pleasant place to stay.

Whether building a home from scratch, doing a complete renovation or simply refreshing a room or two, you can take your project to the next level with some design inspiration.

Protip: these ideas work just as well in your business as they do at home – refresh that cube farm!

As one half of HGTV’s “The Cousins” and the founder of Lilyshea Development LLC, John Colaneri is well-versed in top design trends. Having recently purchased a 1960s-era rambler with the goal of taking it down to the studs and remaking it, Colaneri is sharing insights and ideas to help you create a unique space in your own home where all the elements blend together:

Color pop

Find a color to carry throughout the entire home. While many people typically look to paint doors and trim white, consider being creative here.

“For my home, which has an open concept floor plan, I knew that I wanted to use a dark color for trim and doors in order to enhance other design elements, such as my kitchen island and hood,” says Colaneri.

Something old, something new

Achieving a blend of old and new can bring warmth and texture to otherwise ascetic spaces and design elements.

“I love contemporary design, but my true passion is blending old and new together. For the main entry and hallway, I installed reclaimed natural wood to add warmth and character to the space,” says Colaneri. “Likewise, I selected industrial-style light fixtures that boast traditional touches.”

Let it shine

Blurring that line between the indoors and outside can make the space feel larger and more inviting. To do this, Colaneri suggests replacing old windows with those that bring in more natural light.

“I chose black trim to give my windows a contemporary look and allow them to be a focal point, but I went with a farmhouse-style grille for a traditional feel,” he says. “I also changed the rear windows into sliding doors, which made a huge difference by offering more outdoor access and light.”

“This is the first time I had one company handle so many aspects of my project,” he says. “You need to have a professional team that thinks of all the small things that can go wrong and reacts before they happen.”

Customized Tiling

Tiles are a great way to customize a space so that it’s truly yours.

“Since I have three different design styles pervasive in my home — contemporary, rustic and industrial, I wanted the tiles to reflect this,” says Colaneri, who chose different effects for his daughter’s bathroom, the master bathroom and his home’s entryway, where he used a hexagon marble tile that blends into the wood floor.

To learn more about Colaneri’s project and read about more ways to freshen up your space, visit getinspiredwithjohn.com.

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