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Young woman got runny nose from allergy

Say ‘NO’ to Seasonal Allergies with Spray Foam

The birds are chirping. The cherry blossoms are in bloom. Mother Nature is shaking off the cold winter months. While all of this is beautiful, for those susceptible to nature-induced allergens, cringy season is coming – queue the sinus pain, headaches and runny nose. If you know, you know… Season allergies got you ‘a-chooing’ all…

Horizontal Close Up of Fiberglass Installation in New Home Construction

Spray Foam vs. Fiberglass Insulation: the Showdown

Whether we’re speaking with customers in Fort Smith, Arkansas or Tahlequah, Oklahoma, the biggest question we’re asked is “What’s the difference between spray foam and fiberglass insulation?” What isn’t different between these entirely different products? Let the Spray Foam vs. Fiberglass Insulation showdown begin! Fiberglass insulation doesn’t even do its main job of insulating all…

worker during insulation Polyurea Spraying

Improve Your Life With One Easy Solution: Spray Foam Insulation

People are constantly in search of the next thing to help them improve their life, whether that be a new way to shop, a new way to drive, or even a new way to build their homes. Everyone wants to be more green and more efficient in the way they do things without breaking the…

hand holding a magnifying glass to check the good air quality and clean outdoor air

Air Quality Myths Debunked

7 indoor air quality myths debunked (BPT) – Air quality has become a hot topic. COVID-19 heightened our awareness of all of our surroundings — especially the air we breathe. Because people spend 90% of their time indoors, especially during colder winter months, sorting fact from fiction about indoor air quality is crucial. You’ll often…

builder in a blue suit applies a construction foam

Spray Foam in 2021: What and Why

Did you know that using spray foam insulation can save you money on your monthly energy costs? According to the EPA’s Energy Star Association, by installing efficient insulation, you are sealing off air leaks, which can cut 20% of your monthly energy bills. Spray foam insulation helps you build a better home that can last…

A man applies an insulating foam to the wall of the house

Is Spray Foam Safe? (Spoiler Alert: Yes!)

So, you want to know, “Is spray foam insulation safe?” It’s no secret spray foam insulation is a top update option for home and business owners alike in recent years, for several good reasons! We know the most significant advantage is that it effectively seals even the minutest of holes and cracks that let air,…