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    Top 4 Locations to Build Your Office Headquarters

May 18, 2022

There are several factors to consider when choosing a location for your headquarters. You obviously want to pick a location that makes sense for your business. You want to stay close to your customer base, but you also want to be sure you are able to grow. Keeping in mind the cost differences from state to state, and the type of business you are running can help you as well.

What Makes a Good Location for your Headquarters?

A good location is somewhere that the cost of building is low, it isn’t too popular, and it has room for expansion. You want to stay local to any existing customers, but you also want to think of where a future clientele could be located. If your business is willing to travel, this can help free you up as far as location goes. Let’s look at some of the top locations and why you should consider building your main office there.


Texas is one of the top places to build your business HQ in for several reasons. It is recognized for its strong economy, low costs, and already has some top companies with headquarters there. The cost of doing business there is below the national average, so it is a great option.


Though the cost of living is high in Virginia, it is known for being business friendly. The education in this state makes it a very attractive possibility, as well as its technology and innovation. These things are important because it means the area will be easier to grow in.


When looking at the state as a whole, Oklahoma might not stand out, but the city of Tulsa certainly does. Tulsa is actually recognized as a great place for entrepreneurs. There isn’t a large number of other companies building there, so it is a great market to get into.

North Carolina

North Carolina is a strong contender in this race. Business costs are low here, and it has a strong economy and workforce. It is a great location for those starting out. Though the standard of living isn’t exceedingly high, it is still a well known for low labor costs.

Finding the Right Place can be Tricky

Knowing where to build your business headquarters can be hard! Once you pick the right place, don’t let the actual building process get you down. We are located in Tulsa, and can help ease your building process. Starting your building off strong with spray foam insulation can make all the difference.


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