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Hire Smart: How to Find a Reliable Remodeler

(Family Features) When you decide to make the investment in a home improvement project, you’re likely entrusting a professional contractor to bring your vision to life on time and on budget. Remodeling contractors are diverse, so it’s important to take your time, ask lots of questions and do your research before selecting the right one…

Cutting wood for cabinet with personal protective equipments

Remodeling During a Pandemic: Contractors and COVID

(Family Features) Many homeowners still find themselves stuck at home due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With all the extra time spent indoors, some homeowners are re-evaluating the space they occupy and turning to remodelers to help them safely and effectively complete home improvement projects. After finding a reliable contractor, the way we interact with…

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The “New Normal”

(BPT) – With people across the country spending more time at home than ever before, home improvement projects are increasingly becoming top of mind for homeowners. Despite the financial difficulties brought on by the pandemic, 77% of homeowners say their home renovation budget for 2020 is the same or greater than last year, according to a survey…