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Keeping Your Home Cool in Summer: Strategies and the Role of Spray Foam Insulation

When the sun blazes and temperatures soar in cities like Tulsa, Dallas, Little Rock, and Springfield, every homeowner dreams of a cool oasis to escape the summer heat. With energy costs on the rise in states like Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Missouri, finding efficient ways to keep the home cool becomes paramount. While many strategies…

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4 Summer Home Improvement Projects

Summer is a great time to complete all your home improvement projects. People generally have more time on their hands, and the warmer weather allows for more projects. If you do your projects later in the day, you can easily avoid the heat! The summer is a great time for all kinds of outdoor projects,…

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Cool Tips for Hot Days

Keep your cool this summer with these energy-saving tips (BPT) – There’s a lot to love about summer. At the same time, the season can run up your electric bill fast, especially for Americans living in places where summer temperatures are reaching record highs. According to recent reports, states like Washington and Oregon have seen…

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Keep Summer Pests at Bay

Warm and wet spring and summer conditions predicted for much of the country are going to make for an extra buggy season, according to the biannual Bug Barometer forecast from the National Pest Management Association. What’s more, ants, roaches and stinging insects are well-equipped at finding food and shelter in and around your home, and…