As the market shifts, maximizing your profit with projects that convert to cash is essential. Some updates, like swimming pools, do not improve your home’s value (unlesshouse with keys you’re in a market that demands it). Here are three tips to get your home sold with the highest yield on your investment.


Great photographs of your home might get people to your house, but they will keep driving if your lawn is unkempt, the shrubbery is wild and the screen door is hanging open. Make sure you’re keeping the view from the street as beautiful as possible. If time isn’t always on your side, this is a great time to hire someone to keep up with your greenery. Also, consider seasonal planters and light decor. Avoid inflatables, excessive lighting or anything that may deter visitors from the character of your home.


Everyone wants a home that is comfortable and energy efficient. Updating antiquated fiberglass insulation improves your home’s pest and temperature control on Day One. It also shows potential buyers that you kept up with improving your home – whether it’s five or 75 years old. You can enjoy lower bills while your home is on the market, and future homeowners can take one thing off their list of future updates. Win-win.


If you’re looking to sell in the near future, it’s probably not the best time to take on a full kitchen and bath remodel. But, as they say, the devil is in the details. Replace dated fixtures with new, on-trend alternates. How about a rainfall showerhead? Kitchen cabinet pulls are a quick and affordable way to update your kitchen’s look, and all you need is a screwdriver! Remove clutter from countertops. Grab some covered bins from the Target bargain section and put your bathroom essentials out of site. Put rarely-used kitchen appliances away. Less is more.


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