With winter quickly approaching, keeping warm is on most people’s minds. Especially in areas like Tulsa Oklahoma, you want to be sure you are doing everything possible to keep warm! There are many ways to go about staying warm, but here are some tips to keep warm this winter that have long-term benefits.

Check Windows and Doors

If your windows and doors don’t have a proper seal, it can be letting your warm air out! It is suggested that you change out your windows every 15 to 30 years. If you live in an older house, or if you notice some issues with the seal around your windows, upgrading them can help you with several smaller issues. You can also replace the weather stripping around your doors, or you can do something as simple as installing a door sweep.

Change Your Furnace Filter

Did you know that changing out your furnace filter can help keep it working properly? It can also help diminish the amount of dust in your home and save you money. It is also a fairly inexpensive task that can help keep your home warm by keeping things running smoothly. Keeping up with small maintenance tasks can make all the difference in your home’s well-being.

Install New Insulation

One of the biggest projects you can take on is having spray foam insulation installed, but it is one of the most beneficial. It will keep your home warm, help save you money on energy, make your home more energy efficient, keep dust and mold away, and overall improve the state of your home. It has long-lasting benefits that carry over into summer as well, and it is long-lasting itself.

No matter if you go big or small, it is important to prepare for winter. It might be time to take a big step toward home improvement before it gets too cold! If it is time for a big improvement for you, and you live in Tulsa Oklahoma, or a surrounding state, contact us for help installing your new spray foam insulation!


We Can Help Keep You Warm This Winter

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