Whether you are changing things in your home or building, or starting from the ground up, it is important to know all the options. There are so many different elements that come together to make your building the best it can be. One of these things is what you choose for your insulation. Insulation is your first line of defense in a lot of ways. It can be the small change that makes a huge difference in the long run. There are many reasons to choose it over traditional fiberglass insulation since there are so many benefits of spray foam insulation. Let’s look at just a few.

1. Improves Comfort

No matter if you are looking to insulate a home or an office, comfort is a big concern. If you are running a company in a building that is either way too hot or way too cold, no one will want to work there. Employees thrive when they are comfortable, so it is a top priority. One of the benefits of spray foam insulation is that it helps to regulate the temperature in a building. It keeps cold air in during the hot months, and keeps heat in during the cold ones. Because of the seal that it creates, it will keep your temperatures much more regulated than fiberglass insulation.

2. Deters Moisture

Spray foam insulation doesn’t hold moisture. In fact, it actually deters moisture. Again, due to the seal it makes, spray foam actually makes it harder for moisture to seep into your home. When it is first sprayed to a space, it will take time to slowly expand. This fills in all the holes and cracks that water generally uses to find its way into your home. This can help protect you from mold and expensive repairs.

3. Improves Air Quality

Whether it is a home or office, air quality is something to be concerned about. Your home and office are two of the places people spend most of their time. This means that they are breathing that air most often. Shouldn’t that air be something they don’t have to worry about? Because of the seal spray foam creates, it keeps out allergens, mold, dust, mildew, and pollen. This helps improve the air quality, and keeps everyone inside happy! This is truly one of the biggest hidden benefits of spray foam insulation.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Many people and companies are trying to become more eco friendly. Using spray foam insulation over fiberglass insulation is actually a great way to do this! Not only does it not harm any critters who might find their way into your building like fiberglass, it doesn’t attract them like fiberglass either. It also reduces your carbon footprint because it allows you to use less energy. This makes it an all around green choice!

5. Saves Money

One of the biggest benefits of spray foam insulation is that it saves you money over time. It keeps moisture, pests, and allergens out of your space, bringing any repair bills down. It allows you to use less energy, bringing that bill down. And it can even make the resell value of your home or office go up! Making decisions that save you money in the long run is always a good idea.

Ready to Take Advantage of These Benefits?

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