Is your home inviting unwanted guests?

As the weather heats up it’s not uncommon to see more insects and pests scurrying around or in more severe cases, hear them between the walls, attic or roof. The structure of the home and what’s between your walls, attic and roof could be attracting insects and creating the perfect environment for nests.

To ensure critters and creatures stay out, first double-check your home for any cracks or holes in wasp closeupfoundation, walls and vents. Ensure to fill them as soon as possible to prevent roaches, termites and other common pests. Insulation also plays a big role in keeping pests out. In many older homes, materials such as vermiculite, fiberglass and cellulose were used as insulation. These types of materials not only leave gaps and holes as they don’t fill the walls fully, but they are also often torn apart by common pests to be used for nests and even be a food source.

More advanced insulation such as spray foam not only expands up to 100 times when applied, filling every nook and cranny within your walls, it doesn’t sag, settle and offers no food value to rodents or pests. The way in which the material expands and keeps its form also makes it difficult for rodents and other animals to form nests.

With more times spent outdoors this season, think barbecues, drinks on the patio or ice cream in the backyard, it’s important to ensure leftovers are stored in airtight containers, a tight lid is put on garbage cans inside and outside of the house and countertops, floors and tables wiped down a little more often.

Renovations or remodels and landscaping may be on the agenda this season, ensure loose branches, and landscaping is cleaned up further away from the home as they sometimes create an easier path to get indoors. Ensure any scrap wood is disposed of so as not to attract beetles and termites. Also fix any leaking pipes, appliances and faucets as standing water attracts insects such as mosquitoes.

Take time to inspect pets before they come into the home, tick and flea season is upon us and a quick inspection will save everyone in the family from future health problems or reactions.

Making your home inviting inside and out should be for family and friends only. Following these easy steps will ensure no uninvited critters make your house their home this season. For help in evaluating your home, business or metal structure for spray foam insulation installation, contact the knowledgeable team at Scorpion Spray Foam Insulation in Bixby, Oklahoma.


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